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Really Easy Way to Make Your House Attractive to Homebuyers

Once you decide to sell your home, you’re joining a competitive market with other houses offering the same features and amenities. You’ll be surprised how common your walk-in pantry is for the price you’re willing to get for the house. Real estate brokers are going to price your house the same way they price other houses in the same area with similar amenities and features. So what’s going to make your property stand out? How can you be the choice in a sea of houses?

While a good broker must make your property stand out, it ultimately resides in you to make your house as inviting and appealing as possible. You probably should begin hoarding cleaning rags in bulk right now because that’s what you have to do: clean up. The majority of home sellers worry about things such as an unhinged cabinet door when the first thing they have to do is to declutter, clean, and organize.

KonMari Your House

The idea of KonMari, which was created by organizing consultant and expert Marie Kondo, is to get rid of things that do not bring joy to your life. This simple method will help you keep things organized. Most of the things that don’t bring joy to your life are useless crap you see around the house. Stack of paper bills on the counter, a broken-down oven toaster, and ratty old comforters… these are some of the things you can start throwing out. Go around your house and grab everything you haven’t used in a year. You’ll be surprised how many of these things add clutter to your home.

Consider Deep Cleaning

Depending on the level of clutter and dirt in your house, you may want to hire professionals for a deep-cleaning session. They can deep-clean the carpets, windows, blinds, and every nook and cranny of the house—from the attic to the basement. Once they are done with their process, you can keep things the way they are by tidying them up whenever there’s an open house schedule. And remember to tell off your family members who mess things up again.

Organize the Trash

4 trash bins concept

How do you keep the trash in your house? Do you keep it in the kitchen then take it out for the garbage collector to pick up? Make it a habit to take the trash out every night, so it won’t leave that bad odor in your house. You may not be noticing it, but a potential homebuyer will. Show them how organized your trash is. Set up large trash bins in your backyard to throw away biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable items. This will show organization and an obsession to cleanliness—two things that most homebuyers want to see.

Fix the Little Things

Once you’ve scrubbed the entire house clean, you have to fix the little things that might affect a homebuyer’s decision. Change the broken doorknob and that unhinged cabinet door. Replace the broken tile in the bathroom. Hang new curtains and drapes before an open house. Most of the time, these little things can make or break your home’s potential for success.

Finally, listen to your realtors. They know how to sell a house as quickly as possible. Find someone with a good track record, especially in your area. Tackle the problems that your realtor considers most important.

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