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Working from Home? Set Up Your Home Office

Do you want to work from home? Since the pandemic started, more and more people have decided to work from home. Statistics declared that since April of 2020, 41.8% of the American workforce continued to work from home. You can also work from home, given that you have the right skill set that online employers are looking for.

Demands and Requirements To Get A Call Center Job

Getting a call center job is a very relevant job online that you can consider. There are specific demands and qualifications that a call center agent must meet. One of these is the ability to resolve customer issues efficiently and professionally. It’s not just about problem-solving but also about the manner and rapport you build with your customer.

To be successful in the call center agency, you must have knowledge retention in the standard prompts you have to follow. You must also be tech-savvy and very efficient in gadgets and systems used, such as your company’s hosted voip phone system. Other qualities that most contact centers look for are the agent’s attention to detail, organization, flexibility, excellent interaction skills, composure, speed, and creativity.

Do you think you have the qualifications to start a call center job? Here are gadgets and tools that can help you set up your home workspace during this pandemic.

Efficient computer set and accessories

As you are to receive and make calls to potential customers, you need the right tools to work smoothly. Nowadays, a computer receives all calls, and thus to prevent lag and delays, you must get a unit that meets the necessary system requirements. The unit must have the specs and system capabilities to work optimally, mostly in the troubleshooting process. It would be best if you also got a reliable Internet connection so that your pc can work well. Along with it, you must also get a noise-cancelling headset with a clear microphone to avoid communication problems.

Browser-based call center software

Installing a browser-based call center software is also an essential requirement when setting up a home-based call center. This kind of software is easy to setup. You need not install other hardware or software to spare you of the hassles of installing and updating plugins regularly. Viewing the history and previous interaction with customers is also more comfortable as this system integrates CRM, helpdesk systems, and social media. To take advantage of these functions, you need to have thorough training on using the system efficiently.

Automatic call distributor (ACD) software

Most call center software already has an ACD. It is an essential part of answering and routing calls to a specific agent. The ACD will examine the call and route it to a particular agent handling an account that best serves the given customer information and reported problem. Without the ACD, there will be chaos in taking calls as some agents may mistakenly handle calls that they don’t know how to manage or troubleshoot.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software

CRMs store and update a customer’s data efficiently, giving the agent more freedom to handle other tasks. Data such as chat transcripts, call logs, client demographics, and other information are the basis on how an agent will deal with a customer’s concerns.

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Call recording

As agents are busy with too many tasks in one call, they don’t have enough time to record essential details. Thus, they needed call recording software to reduce mistakes, record conversations and update a system automatically.

Call monitoring

This software allows efficiency in managing calls and agent performance, especially in a remote setup. If you work for a company, your manager may monitor you via call monitoring software. This software also allows distance training, live calls, and whisper coaching.

Comprehensive analytics

It is vital for supervisors to fairly evaluate all agents given standards and criteria in a big company. The comprehensive analytics help managers in this task using criteria such as service level, average call length, the average number of transfers, and average hold time.

Communication tools for long-distance collaboration

Communication is the key to achieving short and long-term company goals. To achieve this, most call center companies use long-distance collaboration and video conferencing tools to establish a connection between agents and managers virtually.

Other needed tools may include remote access software for IT monitoring, workforce management tools, and post-contact customer surveying tools.

A home-based call center job is a lucrative way to earn money without the hassles of commuting and toxicity of traditional workplace setups. Before investing in any of the hardware and software mentioned, carefully decide your call center’s structure and focus. You may want to consider whether to build an on-site or virtual call center. You also need to determine your goals if you wish to be an independent contractor or an employee of a more established company.

As you are taking calls, you need to be in a suitable location free from noise. Be aware of your state’s laws that deal with your industry and get the paperwork done to avoid legal concerns later on. Then, establish a budget that you need in purchasing and maintaining the tools you need.

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