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What You Need to Know About Corporate Giveaways

Although the marketing world has truly gone digital now, there is still so much value in sticking with a few analog strategies. Corporate giveaways, for example, still get the crowd excited whether they’re given out during an event, a trade conference, or even just at the office.

According to Forbes, those who neglect this marketing tactic are currently missing out because of its potential. According to Design Hill, 80% of U.S. consumers own up to 10 of these items at any given time, too.

There’s something about tangible items that will always be appealing to people. However, not all giveaways are created the same. In fact, they can have vastly different impacts depending on when, where, and how they’re given away.


Discounts are arguably the most popular giveaway. It’s simple and not as costly as others, especially considering the customer would need to make a purchase first before they can make use of it.

Discount coupons are a great way to make this giveaway tangible. Your coupon can also include useful information about your business. This is something that can be distributed during trade shows and conferences, especially if the nature of your business requires a little context for consumers to understand.


Rewards are tokens you give out to people who have ‘done something’ first. For example, if you have a registration booth for your mailing list during a trade show, it will be easier to invite people to sign up with a prize.

Rewards can range from small items like pens and post notes with your company’s branding to bigger and more luxurious items like mobile phones. The value of the items is often directly related to the difficulty of the task people have to perform — like shooting a ball from the half-court line during half time.

Tip: Instead of your usual registration or information booths in conventions, you can try a simple game booth where people can get a range of rewards depending on their performance in the game.

Corporate awardsAwards

Not to be mistaken with rewards, awards are given to people who have done your organization a service. These are often given to employees but can sometimes be received by people outside the organization.

Like rewards, the item gets more valuable the greater the service rendered. A person with the highest sales record for the day, for example, may get an Amazon gift card for $20. The one with the highest record for the year, however, can get a trip to Europe.

Aside from those examples, you can include company-branded items, too. Anything from T-shirts and notebooks to custom challenge coins and award plaques can add prestige to the whole thing. Plus, it gives your branding free promotion.


Freebies are items that you give away solely for the purpose of getting your name out there. These items usually don’t cost as much as the others because the idea is to distribute them in an indiscriminate fashion.

To make the most of freebies, remember to ensure that your items are useful and of high-quality. Even if you’re just giving mugs away, pick the ones that won’t break the first time it. These are items that will be associated with your business. For some, it may be their first encounter with your brand. Don’t make it their last.

There are many types of corporate giveaways, and they can be used in a lot of different situations. Make sure you choose the right one.

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