The Best Areas for Investment in Technology

The technology sector is an incredibly dynamic business that’s characterized by rapid development and obsolescence. Technology takes up a large segment of the market, and thus yields one of the highest returns when it comes to investing. Besides allowing you to be part of something bigger, you’ll also be getting your money’s worth. The following are the best areas in technology to invest in:


The space sector is currently valued at over $400 million and is expected to develop into a $500 billion strong economy by the end of the century. When you invest in space companies, you’re essentially investing in the future. While most of the big companies don’t allow outside investors, there are still smaller firms that specialize in space technology that allow you to buy stock. Most are working towards developing rocket launches and satellite technologies.

Mobile Phones

While mobile phones aren’t exactly a new form of technology, the speed at which new developments in this field arrive is staggering. Today’s mobile phones are completely different from what they were even five or 10 years ago.  Although you might find it difficult to throw your hat in with leading brands like Samsung and Apple, you can still try your luck investing in secondary developers that specialize in smartphone software, applications, and individual components.


These days, it’s easy for people to freely give up personal information on the internet without a second thought. As people become more negligent of their data, the need for cybersecurity increases. Furthermore, hundreds of big businesses are turning to these kinds of companies to protect their digital assets and their clients’ data. This industry is sure to grow exponentially as people continue to depend more on their computers and electronic devices, so it makes sense to make an investment in it.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a connection of devices that are linked to everyday objects. It’s a fast-growing technology that will only become more useful and prevalent as time goes by. This makes it a prime spot for investment and high returns. Some examples of objects that fall into the sphere of the Internet of Things include smart thermostats, self-driving cars, alarm clocks, lights, vending machines, medical equipment, security systems, and more.

InternetArtificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of the human brain’s capacity in machines. What you’ll be investing in is the research that tries to get machines to mimic the human ability to learn, make predictions, and decode patterns. These machines are designed to be distributed and used in a variety of fields, such as the medical sector. One example of AI you might have heard of or even own is Amazon’s Alexa.

Streaming Media

Netflix is responsible for a culture and an infrastructure that has quickly become ubiquitous. Besides Netflix, there are also smaller companies and even household names that are also worth investing in. They go beyond just movie and TV streaming, but also include music streaming (Spotify, Pandora) and even video game streaming (Sony’s Playstation Now, Twitch, Google Stadia).

If you’ve got some cash to burn and you want to invest in something that’ll definitely yield high returns, the technology sector is your best bet.

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