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Self-development at Work: Three Reasons Self-development Should Be Your Priority

Many cultures place a high value on education. When we’re kids, we are expected to excel in school, ace exams, and get good grades. When it comes to academic pursuits, learning is often directed towards the subjects and courses we take. But how about the aspect of self-development that plays a vital role in our personal lives?

Society often ignores the value of self-development. We find convenience in hiding our shortcomings, refusing to accept them, or are simply being ignorant. The truth is, our weakness will always find its way to hold us back, whether in school or work. This is why there are training programs that supplement our academic knowledge and work experience. They provide us with the skill setĀ that employers expect us to have and the expertise we need to progress in our careers. In Singapore, fresh graduatesĀ pursue a work-learn program to build on the skills and knowledge they learned in school through a work-study arrangement.

Self-development isn’t a change that happens overnight but rather a lifelong process. New scenarios will require different skills, and obstacles will emerge when we least expect them. In turn, it will help us assess our life goals and maximize our fullest potential. With this in mind, we’ll talk about the importance of self-development and why we should work on it.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone

Our comfort zones have become our sweet escape from the harsh reality, but the truth is, it’s a dangerous place to be in. There’s no harm in doing something that feels good and convenient, but if it’s something you refuse to step out of, this can lead to stagnancy and lack of personal growth.

If your job has certain aspects you don’t like or aren’t good at, don’t simply avoid it. Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back on opportunities that open room for growth. The fact that you’re doubtful or fearful about it means you recognize your weakness or inability to perform the job. This is why it’s easy for you to accept projects you think you’re good at. Remember, your experience builds your self-confidence. So, instead of being frustrated, why not create a self-development plan so you can be better at your job?

Confronting areas that seem new or make you feel uncomfortable forces you to step out of your comfort zone. This is how you challenge yourself and take risks. While you’re at it, take the opportunity to learn a new skill along the way.

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It makes you stronger and confident

Change is inevitable, and it opens doors for new challenges. Having the grit to face these hurdles head-on is when self-development happens. It also allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and be better at what you do.

In the workplace, you can’t survive by doing things alone. One way or another, you have to depend on others for assistance. You have to outsource or delegate specific tasks to work on your strengths.

The same goes when you work on your weaknesses at work. If you refuse to accept complex tasks and continue working on the same thing, you’ll likely get replaced by someone more competent and skillful than you. In this case, working on areas that need improvement helps you become stronger and more confident.

Confidence is essential if you’re passionate about your goals. Embarking on a journey towards self-development allows you to learn more. Once you have acquired better skills, achieved your objectives, and become an expert at your craft, your confidence level increases.

People with low confidence tend to slack off, procrastinate, and abandon their goals because they think they aren’t capable enough to reach them. But if you work something where you lack confidence, the stronger and more confident you will become.

It makes you more passionate

Grit is among the predictive attributes of success, not your intelligence, physical look, or social ability. Grit is all about perseverance, passion, and determination. Self-development fuels your grit. The more you work on your personal growth, the higher your chances for success.

Ever notice how you feel so passionate when digging into a subject that interests you? You find ways to learn about that particular topic or even be an expert about it. Without grit and passion, you won’t bother to learn about it. Keep in mind the secret to success is all about committing to self-development.

We may not always reach our objectives, but the learning we acquire along the way makes life more fulfilling. Work on your self-development by performing activities that will expand your knowledge, skill set, and interpersonal abilities. This will give you a more profound direction in life, helping you live a life filled with purpose. But don’t forget to be kind to yourself because self-development always takes a lot of time.

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