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How to Adjust Your Freelance Work When You’re Raising a Child

With the rise in popularity of remote working and new job opportunities created by the gig economy, taking on freelance work has become an excellent option for many people. Freelancing can be an effective side hustle to boost your income, and if you have a steady stream of projects coming in, it can actually replace your day job.

Operating as a freelancer, you’ll enjoy a much greater degree of control over your schedule, and better work-life balance as a result. But what if you’re planning to have kids soon, or already have a baby on the way? These adjustments will help you to find balance and continue to thrive:

Networking adjustments

Not all freelancers are introverts who’d rather work from home all day without interacting with colleagues. In fact, many people embrace the social aspect of freelancing. Their lifestyle flexibility allows them to network more freely and interact with a wider range of potential clients and collaborators than anyone working for a single company.

However, becoming a parent warrants some adjustments in this aspect. You can still avoid being confined to your home if your coworking space offers private rooms or has a facility like a crèche. Even so, you’ll want to invest in strengthening your network through online means.

This can be done with more frequent, purposeful use of social media, regular updates to your personal website, or even simple emails sent to your contacts. With fewer opportunities to meet people in person, you can still let them know of your availability and the sort of projects you’re interested in.

Trimming down your clients


Expectant parents might read books or online advice to be prepared, but few will truly realize how time-consuming it can be to raise a child until the baby comes. And if you already have kids while working as a freelancer, many child care solutions might be off the table in the new normal.

The cost of child care was already difficult to afford for many families even prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Moving forward, most freelancers will have to handle this task almost in its entirety. Saying no to some clients and trimming your active list will be a tough call. You certainly want to maintain an acceptable level of income to support your family.

But while clients vary in terms of how well they pay or how easy they are to deal with, we always get only 24 hours each day. Learn to properly value your time and only take on the work that maximizes your returns.

Maximizing rest and productivity

In many ways, being a freelancer means you’re the boss. A lot of people find that attractive and empowering, but it definitely carries added responsibility. You’re in charge of your work schedule, and being a parent adds another layer to that. It’s wise to get adequate rest and eat properly. This will give you enough energy to care for your child and work throughout the day.

And while you probably know a few good time management techniques already, you can take things a step further with productivity apps. This way, you can avoid multitasking and distractions and devote intense focus to parenting and work. They both deserve it!

Today’s changing world has made freelance work a great option for a lot of people, but the difficulty of raising a child has also gone up in many ways. Follow these pointers, and you can achieve balance on both fronts.

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