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Guide to Making Bail Posting Easier

Even if you don’t plan on getting on the wrong side of the law anytime soon, it’s better to know how you can make the bail process easier than to stay in a cell for longer unsure of what to do. Aside from knowing the best bail bond services available in your area, here are some tips that can help you get out of jail easier:

1. Call a capable and trusted loved one

When the police station allows you to make your one phone call, contact a friend or family member that is able to deal with a bail bond agency for you. As much as you want to inform your 90-year-old mom where you are, save your phone call for someone who can take care of the bail. Alternatively, call someone who will be willing and able to post bail for you, or call the bail bond agency yourself.

2. Choose a good bail bond agency

Not all bail bond agencies are created equal, and if you want to get out of jail in the fastest and easiest way possible, choose a bail bond agency in your area with a good reputation. If you are unfamiliar with the bondsmen in your area, ask your loved one to find the best one that fits your needs.

3. Ask away

Ask the bail bond agency everything you need to know, including details about the premium, information required, collateral needed, and everything else in between. Moreover, don’t forget to ask the agency if they can post bail for the crime you were arrested for. In some places, bond agencies can only cover bail for some crimes.

bail posting

4. Think about the collateral

To acquire a bail bond, you will need to offer collateral. Usually, people put up their credit cards. But if this is not possible, you can use high-value items such as vehicles, real estate properties, electronics, stocks, bonds, and jewelry.

5. Know and follow bond conditions

After your release, you will be required to comply with the bond conditions that the court and your bond agency have set. These conditions include showing up for all of your court dates and avoiding breaking any laws prior to sentencing. If you fail to follow these conditions, you may be arrested again and your bail will be increased.

To prevent any further blemishes on your record as well as financial burdens, make it a point to comply will all of the conditions set upon you by both the court and your bail bond agency.

6. You can try to get the bail reduced

Under some conditions, the judge may agree to lower your initial bail amount. But to do this, you will need an experienced lawyer by your side. If you think that the bail is set too high, try to get it reduced in court.

When you find yourself arrested, it’s important to keep a level head despite the stressful situation. Instead of panicking, remember these tips to help you get out jail as fast and hassle-free as possible. Although the goal is to not get arrested, having this knowledge can get you out of a sticky situation much easier.

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