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Cultivating Confidence In Children: A Guide

Children become what their parents make of them. As they get older, they may start looking further afield. They look to their friends, and they idolize celebrities. These help them establish their personality. So it is imperative that we help prepare our children to make choices that will help them grow rather than mistakes that may leave a lasting impact.

A happy, confident child is less likely to succumb to peer pressure or have a desire to conform to ‘fit in’ to the world around them. Luckily, there are several methods parents have tried that have helped them raise confident children and that have withstood the test of time.

1. Let Them Be Musical

If your child is not taking formal instruction in music, then now is the time to get enroll them in violin classes. Children love to sing and dance. Helping them channel this musical inclination in a more constructive manner can be incredibly beneficial. Not only has formal musical instruction been linked to increased cognitive ability, but it also has advantages that go far beyond music.

Playing an instrument teaches children self-responsibility. The great sense of self-discipline that musicians develop will go a long way toward helping your child realize the importance and effect of their personal effort in everything they do. They will learn to take pride in their ability to play their instrument. This all trickles down to helping them gain adaptability, perseverance, and confidence in their own abilities.

2. Let Them Be Dramatic

Children have an innate sense of the dramatic, which can be highly entertaining to you as their parent. It is understandable that you worry that this might not be as well-received by the general public. But this ability of theirs is something to nurture, especially if your child is in a household where both parents work. Encouraging them to join a school play or a community theater can make a big difference in their general mood and personality.

The discipline of acting teaches one not only to manage their emotions but also to find the most effective way to channel them. Words tend to bounce off children simply because they lack the life experience to realize the worth of learning from another's experience.

Sign them up for drama classes, and you will surely see how they gain confidence and get better at communicating their needs and wants.

3. Let Them Be Sweaty

Encourage your child to try out as many sports as they desire. Use the time you spend with them to show them documentaries or movies about famous sporting figures so that they can get an idea of what they may want to try.

They will be able to channel their boundless energy better. They will also come to greatly appreciate the benefits of exercise. A healthy lifestyle starts from a young age, and developing those good habits early can make all the difference later in life. Make sure to feed them a healthy variety of food to help them keep up with the rigors of their sporting practice. Children can put away a surprising amount of food. If they are taking part in sports, they will not only need a lot of food; they will also need the healthiest types of food.

4. Let Them Be Responsible

Teach your children to cook and do chores around the house. Help them understand their responsibility to themselves and their family to have a clean and organized house. This can go a long way toward helping them develop the mental discipline needed to grow into healthy adults. Chores such as cooking a meal or washing up dishes are tangible examples of your children's contribution to the well-being of their family and home.

Children thrive in environments where they feel needed and included as valuable members of the family unit. Give them personal independence in deciding which chores they choose to do each week. It will help them grow in confidence. Also, having some household tasks finished by the time you get home will allow you to relax and spend time with your children.

Always remember that nothing can replace the love you give your children. The assurance of this rock-solid love is essential in helping them grow in confidence. You are the foundation on which your children will become healthy and well-adjusted adults. Discipline, affection, and space are the foundation of a parent-child bond that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time as well as assure much joy in all your interactions.

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