Building Better Learners for Tomorrow

The best learners aren’t born — they are made. Your child’s unique personality plays a big role in their eagerness to learn, as well as in their attitude to learning. Any student who receives the right motivation and develops a basic aptitude can become a good learner.

One of the biggest mistakes parents can make when it comes to developing their good learners is limiting them to a classroom or a tutored experience. “Maybe enrolling them to advanced classes or signing up the kids for singing classes should do the trick,” they think.

Dear parents, although the classroom is a primary source of instruction, academic growth should extend beyond the classroom’s walls. This should be a priority if you want to enhance your child’s learning abilities.

Here are some ways to motivate your child to learn. Apply them correctly and watch your child enjoy learning on their own, earn their high school degree and college diplomas and run miles ahead.

Develop and Atmosphere of Reading

Reading builds successful learners. Children who develop a passion for reading, develop a passion for learning. On the other hand, kids who struggle with reading also struggle with learning.

Reading does more than develop your child’s vocabulary. It also helps them process formal communication and complex concepts. The skills gained from reading enhance their ability to learn in all subjects, including technical subjects like science and math.

Help your child develop a love for reading by filling their world with books. While they are young, read to them. Once they can read the words, have them read parts of the book aloud. If you want to cut screen time at home, create a family reading time when everyone drops their phones and reads books for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

By sharing your reading experiences and filling your home with reading materials (newspapers, novels, magazines and posters), you’ll create an atmosphere that demonstrates the value of reading. Let your child pick the books they want to read, help the ream and create activities that make reading fun.

Put Your Child in the Driver’s Seat

When it comes to your child’s education, controlling them is never the way to go. When you control them, the child withdraws from the experience. Instead of controlling how the kids learn, guide them through the learning steps and give them control over their learning experience. Provide the kids with the ability to decide on their learning choices. For instance, if they are writing an essay, let them choose the topic to write about (unless a teacher provided a topic).

Also, let your kids choose their extracurricular activities. The more input and control you provide them — concerning their learning style and environment — the more motivated a child will become to learn.

Introduce Different Types of Learning Styles

Every child has different learning styles and preferences. Some kids prefer a dominant learning style while others thrive by mixing learning styles. There isn’t a right or wrong learning style. However, by helping your child discover the learning style that suits them, you can use these techniques to improve their quality of learning.

Keep in mind the seven fundamental learning styles: logical, physical, visual, auditory, solitary and social. For example, visual learners learn best by seeing how things work. On the other hand, auditory learners learn best when things are explained to them.

While your kids are still young, employ and explore different learning styles with them.

Encourage Open Communication

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In line with giving your child control over their learning experience, encourage them to also express their thoughts about their education. Create a sincere atmosphere where they feel comfortable expressing their likes or concerns.

When they share their opinions, refrain from interrupting them. Validate their feelings even if you disagree. When kids feel their opinions don’t matter, they are likely discouraged to continue learning. The best learners know their thoughts and are confident that they can be sincere with their learning experiences without being judged.

Share Your Enthusiasm for Learning

Enthusiasm rubs off, especially when you’re discovering all things new. If your kid sees that you are sincere with your excitement, they will also be eager to learn. Whether it’s writing, reading, science or even math, help them see that learning is a fun journey of discoveries.  Seize all the opportunities without overwhelming or overbearing your child.

As the kids see you enjoy learning, they’ll start sharing your enthusiasm for learning new things, too.

Every day is an opportunity for learning with the kids. Whenever possible, encourage them to explore the world around them, ask them questions and connect the world. Help them think critically and creatively about what they see and feel. Turn every day into a learning day!

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