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6 Tips to Secure Your Vacant Property

Unlawful trespassing, squatting, burglary and theft are among the most common crimes that can be committed within another person’s property. Several cases of these crimes are reported daily. But what’s more susceptible to these crimes are vacant lots, houses or buildings.

A vacant property can be at risk if there are no security measures in place. The lack of occupants makes it easy for people to trespass, use the place for their personal interest or even vandalise it. That’s why anyone who owns property that is now vacant should conduct precautionary measures. Here are some tips to secure your empty house or building.

Make it look occupied

The first step involved in securing your vacant property is deterrence. You don’t want your uninhabited house to be the easiest target for trespassers. To keep such people from entering your property, the easiest thing you can do is to make it look occupied. Leave the yard lights on, close the windows and shut the blinds. These measures will make your house look occupied and harder to invade.

Reinforce security

Making your vacant property look occupied can be difficult, not to mention costly if you’re leaving the lights on for a long period. If that’s not an option for you, provide an extra line of defence by reinforcing doors, locks and windows.

Cover your windows with plywood or shatter-resistant film so that no one can break in. You can even add more locks to your doors. Install concrete blocks, fences or thorny bushes surrounding the premises. These reinforcements will help further secure your vacant property.

Set up alarm systems

If your precautionary and deterrent measures do not work, what you can do is catch trespassers or burglars on the act. Set up alarm systems that go off when someone tries to break in. It would also be helpful to have security cameras in place, so you can monitor your property through your smartphone or other devices in the comfort of your home.

Check it often

Even if the property is unoccupied, you should still make it a habit to check it every now and then. That way, you can immediately spot any present hazards or find out at once if someone has broken in. If you do, notify the police promptly.

Work with trusted neighbours

If you have good, trusted friends in the neighbourhood, you can work with them to help secure your property. Ask them to watch the house every now and then and notify you in case of suspicious occurrences. Perhaps, you can make this agreement a win-win situation by allowing them to park their cars in your old driveway. This will also help make the house look occupied, hence a less likely target.

Conduct regular maintenance

Top of house

Regular maintenance will make the house look less abandoned and serve as a precautionary measure to prevent large problems, such as pipe leaks, roof issues and wall damage. After all, invaders are not the only things you should watch out for. Natural calamities, changes in season and extreme weather can also take a toll on your vacant property.


To protect your interest and, of course, your investment, take these tips to secure your vacant property.

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